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Industrial Services S.r.l​ 

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We install and repair durable waterproofing coverings for both private and industrial buildings. Our advanced synthetic materials are able to protect from the most extreme weather conditions as well as providing an excellent level of insulation. As well as for outdoor use (roofs, terraces, verandas or swimming pools), these can also be used for indoor works such as tunnels, cellars, etc.

We mainly use synthetic waterproof materials made of PVC or Polyolefin of various width and colours so they can adapt to all different surfaces (including timber) and needs.

The installation of the materials is rapid and it is performed with high standards that guarantee excellent and durable waterproofing results.

The success of our waterproofing installations is due to:

  1.  Use of non-toxic, recyclable and UVR resistant materials
  2. Mechanical application of the materials
  3. Long life of the installation (minimum 25 years) 
  4. Smart White technology (reduces 50% of the roof temperature)

Brush Cleaning

Industrial Services s.r.l. offers maintenance services for public and private outdoor areas. The company is certified under the system ISO 9001:2015 and prides itself on using its own equipment and a very specialised expert staff in gardening, pruning, fertilising, weeding, etc. Other than managing outdoor areas the company is also able to plan and create new green zones such as parks or gardens.



Industrial Services s.r.l. is also known for its professional maintenance to industrial and private buildings. We are able to fix and maintain internal and external features such as insulation, waterproofing, retiling, industrial floors, etc. Our specialised personnel is able to face all sorts of situations in an experienced and professional manner using all the latest technologies and high quality materials. Our admin department also takes care of all certifications and permits required for the maintenance projects.


Energy Green

The company is focusing its efforts on environmentally sustainable production of energy, energy efficiency, and innovative solutions for transportable power generation devices. From

here comes Super Energy Mobile Super

Energy Mobile a trolley cargo, transportable with any car, where a wind turbine is mounted on a telescopic pole (10-11 m high, with automatic adjustment thanks to the presence of an anemometer). The energy produced is stored inside a battery rack with storage function, which is variable and configurable. On the trolley there is also a system of folding solar panels. Inside the trolley there is a hybrid controller and an inverter that allows the system to be Plug & amp; In

addition, the system is also equipped with a 2 kW electric generator, necessary in cases where renewable energies are not sufficient, but also used to restore the level of electricity stored inside the batteries. of SEM for more details:

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